Derek Mulveen

Derek Mulveen, Ennis Book Club Festival

First published in 2012, Derek Mulveen’s debut children’s book Oisín the Brave-Moon Adventure (Eire’s Kids, 2012) was widely received in Ireland and across the Atlantic in the United States.

Co–writing with his wife Michelle Melville, Derek has completed three US book tours and headlined various prestigious book festivals such as Listowel Writers Week, Milwaukee Irish Fest, Belfast Book Festival and Dublin Book Festival. During story time, Derek ignites the imagination and innocence of young children. He loved Irish Myths, Fairy Tales and Biblical stories as a young boy. Educated in Galway, Derek worked as a Special Needs Assistant working with children that experience difficulties in learning and various disabilities. He is currently studying to become a Teacher in Special Needs specialising in Behaviour, ADHD and Autism to understand and develop his progressive knowledge.